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You insure your house, cars, and recreational vehicles, but are you insuring your most prized assets?  Life insurance will sustain your family if an unfortunate death takes a loved one.  Is your family protected?

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There are ways to try to decrease your premium and maintain a safe work environment:
1. Some insurance companies offer a credit for conducting an annual safety meeting with employees.
2. Make sure the work area is cleared of all debris and tools.
3. At the end of each day, lock up all materials, equipment, and tools.
4. Make sure the walkways and parking lot are well lit and cleared of snow.
5. Keep an inspected and up to code fire extinguisher at the work place.

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1. Quoting home and auto insurance with the same company will allow for a multi-policy discount.
2. Send a copy of your child’s impressive report card in order to receive good student discounts (college students included!)


Take a picture of your home or rental to refer to if you have a home claim.  This way you can be sure of everything that has been damaged or destroyed if something was to happen.

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Your insurance premiums can be automatically withdrawn from your checking account.  This reduces processing and postage fees the insurance company might be charging you. Try and pay your bill before the due date.  This will reduce late fees and notices sent by your insurance company.


Have your insurance company send the renewal to us (your agent) so we can check to see if your rate has changed.  If it happens to go up, we may remarket your policy with all of our companies to try and get you a better price.  Keep in mind, your agent does not know if your rate has increased or decreased and allowing us to see your policy after each renewal will allow you to continue to receive the best rate possible.


Allow enough time to find the plan that works best for you.  Health insurance companies often require underwriting before issuing a policy, so do not wait until you need health insurance.  By shopping early for health insurance, you will find the plan that best fits your budget and needs. Know what kind of deductible you should have.  If you are a generally healthy person who does not go to the doctor’s office very often, you may want to carry a higher deductible.  A higher deductible will lower your premium.  If you frequently see the doctor, you may need a lower deductible to limit your out-of-pocket expense each time you have an appointment.

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If you have a vehicle that you only use during a certain time of the year, let us know.  We will “lay up” that vehicle during the time you do not use it to lower your insurance premium.  When you decide to use the vehicle; just give us a call and we can have it covered in a matter of minutes.


Have a discussion with your agent about recreational or other motorized vehicles you own.  Most of them are not automatically covered by homeowners insurance, but there are different ways to make sure they are properly covered.


If you are involved in an accident where you are found at fault, be sure your personal assets are not at risk by buying an umbrella policy.  Umbrella policies are inexpensive forms of insurance and can give you over a million dollars more in liability coverage.

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• Pull your vehicle over to a safe spot out of traffic, if possible.
• Contact the police department for an accident report.
• Obtain the name and address of all the drivers, passengers, and witnesses of the accident.
• Get the name of the Insurance Companies and policy numbers for each vehicle involved in the accident.
• Contact your agent as soon as possible.

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“Central Washington Insurance has served our insurance needs very capably for many, many years. Jamie Morford is on top of things without even being asked. I have total confidence in this agency. Very nice, in an age of “e” everything, to actually have a knowledgeable, kind person helping with this very important necessity.”

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